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By Lynne Brown

GARDEN RIVER FIRST NATION—At the Anishinabek Health Conference in January, Anishinabek Nation Health Director, Jamie Restoule and Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee shared insight with attendees into movement forward on Anishinaabe health transformation. It is without doubt a monumental journey to be on.

The Anishinabek Nation Health Transformation Regional Session held in Garden River First Nation on February 20 and 21. Health care professionals engaged in discussion around challenges and benefits to creating a health care system that truly reflects the needs of communities.

“We work in an area that is a vast geographical territory and when we get the chance to see the different levels of advancement and capacity around the territories in health care delivery, I have to say that we have some astounding and fantastic people working on the frontline. We have made incredible advancements around the territories.”

“There’s never been more of a time in our history to work together and be united,” stated Grand Council Chief Madahbee. “What we need to do is look at best practices. When we began the process, I asked five chiefs to lead the charge on this—all folks that have been involved in health portfolios in various capacities. Those five chiefs, along with our staff, have begun the engagement process. We are not… Read More